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A hair dryer for Antonio to dry his long hair

Posted Oct 24, 2023
Antonio has requested a hair dryer for Christmas this year. With the colder months coming up, he is hoping with his newly found love for long hair, a hair dryer will help him get ready faster in the mornings. Antonio walks to and from work, so this hair dryer would ensure his head stays nice and warm. He would be so thankful for this gift!

Antonio is 23 years old and lives in CO

Antonio is a resourceful, hardworking and positive young adult. Antonio has lived a very difficult life. He had many medical problems growing up and was confined to a bed. He was in the foster care system off and on throughout his teen years. Most recently, Antonio was living in a homeless shelter. Despite all of this, he is working a full time job and paying for all of his rent, groceries and bills on his own. He has a positive outlook and looking forward to bettering himself and his future.

The Wish Story

We Fortify - Working Fusion at Mill Street requests this wish for Antonio.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Antonio grants the wish for Antonio! Thanks Antonio.

"From one Antonio to another, enjoy your hair dryer! I am proud of all you have accomplished and what you do every day! Antonio"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the We Fortify - Working Fusion at Mill Street for Antonio.

We Fortify - Working Fusion at Mill Street receives the wish!

Antonio receives the gift from We Fortify - Working Fusion at Mill Street!

"Antonio is really looking forward to this gift and will be so excited to know that somebody was thinking of him. He is really enjoying his hair and growing it out so this will be a very appreciated gift to keep him warm during the cold months. Thank you for thinking of those around you, we can't thank you enough for this gift!"

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