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A bike for Kyren who likes to ride and feel the wind on his face

Posted Nov 20, 2023
Kyren loves riding his bike and will ride every day when the weather allows. He has Autism and literally likes to feel the wind on his face when he is riding. He has had the same bike for 3 years and has gotten too tall for it and would love to have a new, bigger bike that fits him better. He chose this bike himself and lit up when he saw it. This bike will make for a really happy little boy!

Kyren is 10 years old and lives in AL

Kyren is unbelievably smart and knows everything there is to know about almost every dinosaur. He is a Math whiz and asks to do Math problems for fun. He could fish all day long and catches some pretty nice size bass all on his own. Bigger than his grandpa catches! He has been swimming and diving since he was 3. He loves bugs and frogs and turtles. He had a very traumatic start in life though and was born with a long list of illegal drugs in his system which kept him in the NICU withdrawing for almost 2 months where he coded twice. He suffered a lot of abuse and neglect and was locked in a room for days while his bios were on drug binges. He was finally removed when baby sister was born addicted and placed with his grandparents the next morning where he has been since. He was soon diagnosed with Autism then severe ADHD, PTSD, SPD, RAD and ODD soon followed. But this little guy is a trooper and will make his mark on the world one day.

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