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Healthy Food for Juliana to provide for her family this holiday season

Posted Nov 20, 2023
Juliana would like to buy some fresh groceries for her and her foster children. They have previously attempted to stay connected with local food banks but unfortunately, Juliana struggled to secure fresh produce and fruits. Since Juliana is only a few months away from her due date, she would like to buy healthy, nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables, and organic produce to ensure that she is strong and healthy.

Juliana is 24 years old and lives in CA

Juliana had been in foster care since she was 7 years old, placed in more than 12 homes, and never had a stable foster family. At the age of 18, Juliana had to experience homelessness due to neglect from her caregiver and it was extremely difficult for her. However, Juliana never let her struggles pull her down and now she has become a foster parent to provide kids a loving home that she never got growing up. She is now a foster mother to 3 siblings and she loves them dearly. Juliana is now going to Bakersfield College so that she can earn a Bachelor's degree. She loves going on walks with her dog, taking trips to Disneyland with her boyfriend, and doing word searches or doing hair during her pastimes.

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