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A video microphone for Dijon to enhance his curated content

Posted Dec 7, 2023
Dijon wants a mic because as a photographer/videographer, having a mic is very important especially in his videos when he needs clear and precise audio. The mic goes a long way with helping make audio enriching to the viewer overall. For Dijon having a mic will help take his content to the next level allowing for him to get more opportunities with clientele, such as schools with athletic departments and athletes, even wedding ceremonies. A mic will give Dijon confidence in enabling him that he can let his content speak for itself and expand his business.

Dijon is 19 years old and lives in CA

Dijon is currently a freshman in college at Cal State Long Beach, majoring in photography with aspirations to become a well-known freelance photographer, and dreams of photographing and traveling to major events and capturing them. Currently, he is doing photography on the side, and he wants to make it a full-time job. Doing photography, as well as videographer has given him the opportunity to connect and make valuable relationships.

The Wish Story

California State University, Long Beach requests this wish for Dijon.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Dijon! Thanks Awesome Human.

"We hope you continue following your dream to be a photography/videographer! As a family with lots of amateur photographers, we are excited for you to pursue it as a career. Best of luck and Happy Holidays!!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the California State University, Long Beach for Dijon.

California State University, Long Beach receives the wish!

Dijon receives the gift from California State University, Long Beach!

"Thank you so very much for granting my wish ! Getting this gift of a mic for my camera is going to help expand my business in photography/videography and make my future and current side career elevated. Once again thank you so so much for this gift. Happy Holidays Sincerely, Dijon"

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