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A flying experience for Troy to celebrate his birthday

Posted Jan 3, 2024
Troy and his twin have been through a lot lately - their uncle passed away while their mom was deployed. But the good news is that their mom will be returning soon and will be able to reunite with Troy. In the meantime, Troy and his twin have a really cool birthday wish - they want to learn how to fly like their mom! They're hoping to have an iFly experience together and make some unforgettable memories.

Troy is 10 years old and lives in TX

Troy is an amazing kiddo who is full of love. He is neurodivergent, meaning he has a unique way of seeing the world. He's actually a twin, which is pretty awesome! Sometimes Troy can be a bit shy, especially when it comes to new things, places, and people, but he's been doing an amazing job of adjusting to his new environment lately. Troy is really into gaming and loves playing Pokemon. He's also really interested in meditation music and is excited to try out cold plunges soon. Troy is a true mechanical genius and loves learning about how things work. He's a really cool guy with lots of layers, and once you get to know him, he'll have you talking for hours!

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Troy receives the wish from Missouri Baptist Children's Home

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