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A 4K smart TV for Caden who is working hard on budgeting

Posted Mar 6, 2024
Caden is a hardworking guy who recently landed a job at McDonald's. He's super excited about it and has been going to work every day with plans to buy a TV with his first paycheck. However, after taking into account the hours he's worked for three weeks, the cost of food he had to purchase, and the taxes taken out of his check, Caden has realized that he only has enough money to cover his transportation costs until he gets paid again. He's now focusing on budgeting and making sure that he can cover his necessities before trying to save for anything else. Caden would be absolutely thrilled if someone could help him get a TV so he can relax and watch his favorite shows after a long day at work.

Caden is 18 years old and lives in CA

Caden loves hanging out with his previous foster family and friends on the weekends, and during the week, he's been working part-time at a fast food place. He's also got his own apartment, and he really enjoys using the community gym to stay fit. Caden is great at making friends with people his own age and the staff. His first job has given him the opportunity to buy things for himself, and he's feeling independent and empowered.