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Storage container for Maya to keep her items secured while moving

Posted Mar 1, 2024
Maya is super excited to be moving into her new apartment soon! She wishes for storage bins to keep everything organized during the move. Storage bins would be great to ensure that all her precious belongings are kept safe and secure during transit. She doesn't want any of her items to get damaged during the move! This wish has been posted twice. 2 of 2

Maya is 23 years old and lives in CA

Maya is a bright young lady who is now attending a university and studying fashion design. Maya enjoys creating articles of clothing and trinkets that people can relate too to express their sense of style. With starting her small business she continues to put her best foot forward with her designs as this is what she loves to do. Mya is a hard worker who is focused on her academics at this time to ensure she will earn her degree and launch into independence.

The Wish Story

Walden Family Services requests this wish for Maya.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

TERI grants the wish for Maya! Thanks TERI.

"Keep working toward your dreams! Your best investment will always be in yourself. Know that you are worthy and remind yourself of this every single day. Hard work and perseverance will take you far. I wish you good luck in your new apartment and hope that the move goes smoothly. Work hard in school and believe in your dreams. Dream big for you are capable of great things. How many times you fall does not matter. What matters is how many times you pick yourself up and keep moving forward!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Walden Family Services for Maya.

Maya receives the wish from Walden Family Services

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