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About This Wish

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A ticket for Josiah to experience Disney for the first time

Posted Mar 7, 2024
Josiah is a big fan of amusement parks, especially Disneyland though he’s never been. He is really excited about the possibility of creating new memories, and just being a kid without a care in the world with his sisters at the most magical place on earth! Granting this wish will allow him to experience lots of joy, laughter, wonderful memories. They are going to have a blast.

Josiah is 12 years old and lives in CA

Josiah tends to be introverted due to some traumatic experiences. However, he loves hanging with his sisters has proven to be a significant blessing for him. Josiah currently finds joy in playing video games as a means of escaping the world around him. He is slowly opening up to others. Josiah envisions a future where he can contribute to saving the streets from violence. In his leisure moments, he enjoys playing video games and watching movies, particularly Disney Marvel films, with his family.