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An over-the-stove microwave for Vicki who needs to replace hers

Posted Apr 15, 2024
Vicki wishes for an over-the-stove microwave because hers broke and needs to be replaced. She is a chef, and the microwave is very important to her when preparing recipes. She has been saving up to replace her microwave, which is worn out, but it’s going very slowly. She barely has any extra funds right now because it’s taking everything she has just to get by and pay for necessities. This will allow her to go ahead and replace her much-needed microwave. She would be so grateful for this assistance!

Vicki is 26 years old and lives in NC

Vicki aged out of foster care and with the help of her foster mom she has been able to graduate college with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. Vicki has a close connection with her former foster family and they are also fostering her 4 siblings. She loves cooking, baking, and trying new recipes.