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A zoo pass for Jah'Mia to see the animals for the first time

Posted May 3, 2024
Since Jah'Mia has been in foster care, animals have always been her go-to! She has a special heart for them, and all she comes to meet have a special heart for her. She has never been to the OO before, and it has become a dream of hers to go now. Jah'Mia would love to spend days at her local Zoo with her foster mother and siblings this summer!

Jah'Mia is 8 years old and lives in OH

Jah'Mia has been in foster care since she was three years old. She is incredibly fierce and independent. Jah'Mia had to grow up quickly, and now she is taking time to be a kiddo again! She has grown close to her foster parents, and she has three siblings she loves to hang out with! Animals and spending time outside have been her therapy. She now has goals to work with animals in her future career!

The Wish Story

The National Youth Advocate Program requests this wish for Jah'Mia.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Thressa grants the wish for Jah'Mia! Thanks Thressa.

"Enjoy the zoo!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The National Youth Advocate Program for Jah'Mia.

The National Youth Advocate Program receives the wish!

Jah'Mia receives the gift from The National Youth Advocate Program!

"Thank you so incredibly much for helping Jah'Mia get to see the Zoo with her foster family for the very first time!!! A memory I know will last her lifetime. She cannot wait. Thank you!!"

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