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Dress clothes for Anthony to wear to his sister's funeral

Posted May 9, 2024
Anthony needs clothing to wear at his sister's funeral. This will help his family so he can look presentable and help his mom with expenses. He would be very happy to dress nicely to send off his sister.

Anthony is 7 years old and lives in NJ

Anthony is a very athletic young man. he was student of the month for November of 2022. He is one of 7 siblings who are very close to each other, Anthony loves to play the Beyblades on his spare time. he also loves to read and color.

The Wish Story

Saving Grace Ministries,Inc. requests this wish for Anthony.

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*OSW Towards A Wish grants the wish for Anthony! Thanks *OSW Towards A Wish.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Saving Grace Ministries,Inc. for Anthony.

Anthony receives the wish from Saving Grace Ministries,Inc.

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