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$ 330

An Iphone 5s for 17 y/o Javier who motivated to do great and become independent

Posted Nov, 10, 2016
Javier love his family and continues to stay in contact with them by talking on the phone as often as possible. Javier currently have an old flip phone (that hardly works). He would love to own a smart phone for the first time! Having the iPhone 6 will make him tremendously happy. He is a very independent young man have having a smart phone will give him a boost of confidence!

Learn More About Javier

Javier is 17 years old and lives in Willingboro, NJ

Javier has a great sense of humor and is very caring. He loves his family and his family is what helps him stay on track while in placement with Crossroads. Javier has been doing well in his treatment home and his school and recently received positive feedback from his IEP meeting this year. Javier is motivated to continue to do great because he really want his family to be proud of him. He loves playing basket ball and working a part time job to make his own money to provide for himself. He loves cleaning and likes to have everything organized and clean. He make his bed every morning.

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