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$ 250

Laptop for 16 y/o Neely who is focusing on her future

Posted May, 17, 2017
Neely lives in a rural area and does not have reliable transportation. Neely's goal is to obtain her drivers license and continue saving for a used car. Neely is taking Drivers Education classes online and would like a laptop to assist her in achieving this goal. Neely would also like a laptop so she can research colleges and career opportunities for her future.

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Neely is 17 years old and lives in Columbus, IN

Neely is in the 10th grade at Columbus Christian School in Columbus, IN. Neely does very well in school and makes straight A's! Neely wants to defy the odds and show everyone that even though she is in foster care, she can graduate high school. Neely also works 2 part time jobs and is saving money for college and a car.

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