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$ 330

Laptop for 15 y/o Raylonda who receives home instruction due to chronic pain

Posted May, 17, 2017
Raylonda is a quiet young girl. She moved from North Jersey to South Jersey with her mother. Raylonda does not socialize much because she gets constant migraines where she cannot function throughout her day. She also gets pain on the side of her body for which the causes are unknown. Because of her medical conditions, she receives home instruction from her high school teachers. It would benefit her to have a laptop so she can do her school work like the other students in her class. She can also communicate through emails with her teachers if needed.

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Raylonda is 15 years old and lives in Toms River, NJ

Raylonda is a quiet young girl who enjoys her friends. She socializes when she can. Due to her medical concerns , she is limited to how much she can do without feeling sick. She gets chronic migraines. Raylonda is funny and smart. She's been through a lot in her young life that is overcoming.

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