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$ 320

Laptop for 16 y/o Joshua who is turning his life around

Posted Feb, 27, 2017
Josh is being given a second chance after making some negative choices. He recently asked for help with assistance in getting his GED as he signed out of school in March 2016 and was having trouble finding a program that would take him. He is now working towards his GED and in a few weeks and will be able to go home to his mom. Granting this wish will not only help Josh obtain his GED, but will also help him when he start taking some courses at community college. He is very excited for this opportunity. Granting this wish as a birthday gift for Josh would help him tremendously and encourages him to continue to pursue his future goals.

Learn More About Josh

Josh is 17 years old and lives in Willingboro, NJ

Josh is a soon to 17 year-old boy that has been residing in his program since November 17th, 2016. He is placed in one of the treatment homes due to some poor decisions he has made, which resulted in homelessness for him and his mother. Since day one, Josh has complied with all rules of the program. He is motivated and determined to be successful in life. He has been nothing but appreciative of the opportunity he has been given in his current placement. He will soon have his GED and is looking forward to starting his courses at community college. Josh also loves his mother and brother and is dedicated to be reunited with his family soon. He likes to play basketball and Math is his favorite subject.

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