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Housing supplies for Demontea to attend the Foster Youth Internship Program in Washington, D.C.

Posted Mar, 6, 2017
Demontea was accepted into the 2017 Foster Youth Internship Program® in Washington, D.C. This is a highly esteemed, life-changing youth empowerment program for young adults who have spent their formative years in foster care, offering them the opportunity to intern in a Congressional office for a summer. As part of the program, Demontea will attend retreats, seminars, advocacy trainings and networking events with experts in the child welfare field, in addition interning in a Congressional office. Throughout the summer, Demontea will spend time researching policy issues affecting foster children across the country. Demontea will write a policy report that is published and presented at both a Congressional briefing and a briefing to the White House Domestic Policy Council, as well as disseminated across the country to child welfare advocates. As a result of the program, federal policymakers are shown firsthand the real-life experiences of youth growing up in foster care, and they take action to improve legislation of the U. S. foster care system. CCAI provides full service, wrap-around care throughout the internship. However, Demontea will need these essential housing supplies.
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Demontea is 25 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA

Demontea was in the the foster care system in the state of California and is a graduate student at the University of Southern California, where he is working towards his Masters in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs. His ability to connect and motivate those around him in addition to being a team player will be an asset in the Foster Youth Internship (FYI) Program®. The FYI Program is a highly esteemed ten-week congressional internship for young adults who spent their formative years in the foster care system. As part of the program, Demontea will participate in networking events with leaders in the business community and child welfare advocates who represent a wide variety of policy and non-policy related disciplines. He will also meet with legislators to discuss important issues that youth in foster care face and their shared vision for bringing about change in this area. At the conclusion of the program, Demontea will author a policy report of recommendations on improving the federal foster care system. This report will be presented at a Congressional briefing and a briefing to the White House Domestic Policy Council, as well as disseminated across the country.

The Wish Story

Mar, 3, 2017

Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) - Washington, D.C. requests this wish for Demontea.

Mar, 6, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Apr, 12, 2017

Jennifer grants the wish for Demontea! Thanks Jennifer.


Hi Demontea, I hope you have a wonderful time in Washington DC with the Foster Youth Internship program. Best of luck in your future endeavors! Hopefully your policy work will brighten the lives of other foster children in the system. Warm Regards, Jennifer Lu

- Jennifer
Apr, 13, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) - Washington, D.C. for Demontea.

Apr, 18, 2017

Martina sent an update on the wish for Demontea.


Jennifer, I hope this message finds you in the best of spirits. I wanted to reach out to you today and let you know that on behalf of our small team here at the Congressional Coalition on Adoption (CCAI), we are sending our sincerest appreciation for your support of Demontea in our Foster Youth Internship Program®. We are excited for his arrival in Washington, D.C. on May 30th, as we have an eventful and inspiring summer planned. I will ensure that he receives your wonderful note of encouragement as these touches help the former foster youth throughout the program, knowing that they have cheerleaders rooting for their success. You are a true champion and we are truly grateful, Martina Arnold, Director of Development CCAI

- Martina

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