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$ 200

New Loft Bed for Hunter who is looking to have more space to play in his room

Posted Mar, 10, 2017
Hunter is a rambunctious little boy who has a tendency to act out when he gets upset. He becomes upset most when he can’t play with certain toys, like his car tracks. This is because there is not enough space since he has to share the bedroom with his father. A loft bed will allow Hunter to have his own space to store his toys and have a special area of the room where he can play.

Learn More About Hunter

Hunter is 4 years old and lives in Howell, NJ

Hunter is an adorable little boy. He loves his daddy and his Maggie very much. Hunter's favorite colors are red, blue, and green. He loves anything having to do with Marvel superheroes and anything that goes fast, whether it is cars, airplanes, etc. He is in a half day Pre-Kindergarten for children with behavioral and/or developmental needs. Hunter is prone to tantrums and acting out when he is not in charge or is told he cannot do certain things and the school program is working with him and his family on how to best correct and improve his behaviors. The family was recently told that Hunter has ADHD and is now in a weekly therapy program to help the family and him manage and control his behaviors. But no matter what, he still loves his older sister the most and wants to be a mechanic just like his daddy.

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