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$ 95

Smartab for Breyond who is struggling with ADHD and a learning disability

Posted Apr, 20, 2017
Breyond and his two brothers are being raised by his grandparents who live on a fixed limited income. Breyond struggles with ADHD and his school recommended to his grandparents that Breyond have access to a Smartab so that he may improve his reading and math. Breyond is a visual learner so having access to this technology will improve his academics.
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Learn More About Breyond

Breyond is 11 years old and lives in Yardville, NJ

Breyond is a sweet and loving young boy who is being raised by his grandparents. Unable to take care of him and his two brothers, Breyond's parents abandoned him at birth. Breyond's grandparents are so proud of how well he does in school despite his struggles with a learning disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Breyond is a high energy young boy and his grandparents channel that energy towards basketball, wrestling, and football in which he does really well.

The Wish Story

Apr, 18, 2017

Children's Home Society of New Jersey - Trenton, NJ 2 requests this wish for Breyond.

Apr, 19, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Apr, 26, 2017

Elisa grants the wish for Breyond! Thanks Elisa.

Apr, 28, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Children's Home Society of New Jersey - Trenton, NJ 2 for Breyond.

May, 22, 2017

One Simple Joy sent an update on the wish for Breyond.

We just received Breyond's thank you note and here is what he had to say: "Thank you for my wish gift. It will help me in many ways. -Breyond" We will be mailing it out to you soon Elisa!

Aug, 8, 2017

The Children's Home Society of New Jersey - Trenton, NJ 2 receives the wish!

Oct, 16, 2017

Breyond receives the gift from her case worker!

In case we haven't said it enough...thank you for supporting One Simple Wish and our amazing kids!

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