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$ 130
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A Tile Combo Pack for Brannon that keeps misplacing things.

Posted Jul, 17, 2017
Brannon keeps misplacing things and losing his wallet. This is becoming a major problem for him. He wishes for a Tile Combo pack to help him find things when they are misplaced. He is trying hard to be more responsible but his creative mind just keeps him thinking on other things.

Learn More About Brannon

Brannon is 17 years old and lives in Wilkesboro, NC

Brannon is enthusiastic and serious about music and drama. He loves almost everything about the Arts and hopes to take related classes when he goes to college!  He also likes to make videos and is learning to be technical savvy.  Brannon is a hard worker and making good grades is important to him.  Sometimes he likes to stay by himself and think about things.  This seems to help him process.   

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