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$ 111

A trip to target for JC who wants to inspire other children

Posted Sep, 13, 2017
JC has been through a lot and she wants to help other children like herself. She recently shared her story with couples who were interested in becoming foster parents. JC has come a long way and deserves to get a special gift for her bravery to share what she's experienced.

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JC is 13 years old and lives in Kent, OH

JC was recently adopted into her forever home and is very happy. She had lived in several different foster homes before finding her forever home. JC is a smart, loving young lady who enjoys being outdoors. She has handled her hard times as a child very well and loves her new adopted parents. JC now willingly shares her story with others and encourages them to help children like her. She is a remarkable young lady and is even open to sharing her forever home with another foster child who like her needed some special help.

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