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$ 35

Flipzee Girl Doll for Tori to have lots of fun with!

Posted Oct, 20, 2017
Tori wishes for a Flipzee Girl Doll to have as a playmate and have lots of fun with. She loves dolls and hopes to get a Flipzee Doll for Christmas.

Learn More About Tori

Tori is 6 years old and lives in Wilkesboro, NC

Tori comes from a large sibling set that was taken into foster care, but has been placed with a few of her siblings that has made her transition easier. She has adjusted well and lovers her foster mom. Tori loves Minnie Mouse, Frozen, and Hello Kitty. She is an excitable little lady that gets happy very easily. She is perky, smart, and loves staying busy. She also likes the color pink, dressing like her sister, and having her hair fixed. She loves dessert and being happy! She wants to be a superhero one day.

The Wish Story

Oct, 19, 2017

Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC requests this wish for Tori.

Oct, 20, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Oct, 23, 2017

Dawn grants the wish for Tori! Thanks Dawn.

Have fun with your doll baby girl!

Oct, 23, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC for Tori.

Nov, 3, 2017

Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC receives the wish!

Nov, 3, 2017

Tori receives the gift from Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC!

Thank you so much for making Tori's wish for a Flipzee Doll come true! She is going to be so happy at Christmas to receive this special gift! Many thanks!

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