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$ 475

A salon experience for Desiree who suffers from depression

Posted Nov, 8, 2017
Desiree has self-esteem issues. She suffers from severe depression. She wants to feel beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. A salon makeover would excite her. She was able to put on make up and get her hair done for prom and she mentioned that she looked like a "Barbie doll"; however, this was not professionally done as her work schedule didn't allow her the time to do so. I think that a makeover would make her feel special!

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Desires is 19 years old and lives in Arlington, TX

Desiree has been in foster care with me since the age of 14. She is 19 years old and attending junior college. She is a smart and loving young lady. She has a twin sister that left care at the age of 18. She wants to be a social worker but that may have changed. I'm not sure. She has suffered from abuse (physical and emotional) from her biological family. She has severe depression from that. Her wish is to be beautiful. Even though we tell her this daily that she is, she fails to believe it. She loves make up and she also loves to read. Her wish would be a salon experience make over.

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