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Storage bins to help keep Angela neat and organized

Posted Feb 25, 2018
Foster care youth seem to move around a lot, and while they may get luggage at graduation, they often need storage bins to keep their belongings neat and organized in the space they are in. Angela could benefit from this in her current, and future space.

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Angela is 20 years old and lives in Winston Salem, NC

Angela is a second year student at Winston Salem State University. She wants to become a Hematologist, and is carrying a full load of classes at school (17 hours). Due to her heavy school load and the needs for her to spend time on her studies, she has not been working during the semester. (She does work on breaks from school, like at Christmas, spring break, and during the summer. This past summer she worked and took two classes, Pre Calculus and Statistics, and made an A and a B in the classes.) She has been in foster care since she was 16. She and her sister are fairly close and help to support each other. Her sister has also been working on her schooling. They both came to the US from Ghana with their father. Angela strives to be a hematologist so she can help those who, like her, have sickle cell anemia.

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