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Educational Tablet for Dil'lynn who loves to learn in creative ways

Posted Aug 15, 2018
Dil'lynn's development has been delayed, causing him to fall behind a full grade level in school. His foster parents and teachers found that Dil'lynn responds better to creative learning techniques rather than traditional learning taught in school. For example, his math skills have drastically improved since using the app Prodigy. He would love to continue to creatively learn, with this app and many more that are available on this educational tablet.

Dil'lynn is 6 years old and lives in Grand Terrace, CA

Dil'lynn is a very happy child. He has a vivid imagination and loves to act out super hero stories with his Hulk, Spiderman, and Batman figures. He loves to play with his siblings, both biological, as well as foster. Dil'lynn always makes up new games for him and his siblings to play and is truly the life of the party!

The Wish Story

The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency requests this wish for Dil'lynn.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Anonymous grants the wish for Dil'lynn! Thanks Anonymous.

"Dil'lynn, We hope this tablet helps you realize the great potential you have, Dil'lynn! Knowledge is powerful and discovering how you learn best is wonderful. We know you're going to great things and maybe this gift will help you get started. All the best, The Elefterin/Downs family"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency for Dil'lynn.

The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency receives the wish!

Dil'lynn receives the gift from The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency!

"Thank you so much for this amazing gift for Dil'lynn! He is going to be so excited to receive this!! We can't wait to see his improvement in math. Thank you again!!"

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