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An iPod Touch for Makayla to re-connect with her friends and family

Posted Sep 19, 2018
Makayla has been residing in a medical facility for over a year to help control some health concerns. At this facility, Makayla was not allowed any electronics/cell phone and her communication with her peers and her sister is very limited. Due to everything now being managed appropriately concerning her health, Makayla is ready to step down into a regular resource home. Shewill be moving to a new resource home and would love to have an iPod touch where she can communicate with her friends and sister. Makayla’s sister will be moving out of state with her resource parents at the end of October. The need for Makayla and her sister to be able to communicate is even greater given the miles that will now be between them. Makayla wants to be able to maintain life long connections and having an iPod touch allows her to do so.

Makayla is 13 years old and lives in Clarksburg, NJ

Makayla is very athletic and likes to participate in and watch sports. She is very active and has developed an interest in cooking. Makayla’s diet has to be very controlled and balanced due to health issues therefore she is very involved in her meal planning and prepping. Makayla is funny, smart and a kind hearted girl.

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Kristen sent an update on the wish for Makayla.

"Makayla LOVED the IPOD. It is literally glued to her hand and she is VERY thankful she is able to communicate with her sister every day and also stay in touch with her friends. "

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