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Soft Tip Dart Board Set for the Shelter Residents to enjoy

Posted Nov 1, 2018
As it gets colder outside, we are going to be looking for more fun stuff to do inside. Playing darts is one of the best ways to spend time indoors. The game of darts improves motor skills, helps with the team building, and just all around super fun activity. When we had our original set, kids and staff spent hours playing it. Unfortunately, after a few years of playing the set broke down.

Morris County Youth Shelter is 18 years old and lives in Morristown, NJ

The children in our facility are of all backgrounds, both girls and boys. Their daily in and out at the shelter consists of many community service projects such as environmental cleanups, meals on wheels, and assisting the elderly. They do these things while at the same time dealing with crisis situations in their own live that have brought them our facility. In return we try to fill their weekends with new experiences they otherwise would not have readily available to them such as shore trips, deep sea fishing, whitewater rafting, professional sport games, et cet. All of which are sought through discounted or donated channels

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"We really hope that you have lots of fun with this kit and it doesn't get too competitive like it does in our house!"

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"Thank you for this wonderful gift. Kids were very excited to receive their new dart board. This is really awesome tool to engage kids in fun and completive activity. Our kids together with stuff will spend hours of playing the darts. "

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