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A laptop for Tiarra to help her excel in college

Posted Nov 15, 2018
Tiarra is a freshman in college and has many assignments due for school. Tiarra would like a laptop so that she does not have to remain on campus after school to complete assignments. Tiara stated that if she has a laptop, she will be more productive in completing her work which will give her more quality time to spend with her daughter.

Tiarra is 21 years old and lives in Atlanta, GA

Tiarra is a 19 year old mother of a one year old beautiful daughter. Tiarra does a great job at juggling motherhood. She spends a lot of quality time with her daughter. Tiarra started college this fall (August 2018) and is adjusting very well. Tiarra is determined to complete college in four years so that she can obtain employment and start a life with her daughter. She longs to live independently and care for her daughter. She wants to be the best role model for her daughter.

The Wish Story

Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection requests this wish for Tiarra.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Damali grants the wish for Tiarra! Thanks Damali.

"I hope this helps to lighten your load a little bit. Never give up! You're an inspiration for your daughter,"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection for Tiarra.

Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection receives the wish!

Tiarra receives the gift from Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection!

"Dear Damali, Your gift arrived just in time for Tiarra to receive it at our holiday party last week and she was elated. She is truly an inspiration to her daughter and your kind words meant a lot to her. She is working hard to reach her goals and we see her determination every day. Thank you so much for your generous gift and for making the season bright for Tiarra. Tiarra and Molly"

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