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A Laptop for Jada so she can succeed at college

Posted Nov 27, 2018
Jada was initially in need of a laptop to catch up on assignments / classes that she fell behind in during her transition into foster care. She was able to use other student’s computers and a house computer to accomplish that goal. Now she is planning to embark on a whole new journey in college and is in need of a laptop as it will be incredibly difficult for her to success in college without a computer or laptop.

Jada is 19 years old and lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Jada is the epitome of resiliency. She has faced so much adversity in her short life but has never let it dim her compassion and passion for life. She has a strong desire to be "someone" and to make something out of her life. She refused to be a victim. She knows that education is her key to success and has completed a full course load of classes in a very short period of time to reach her goal of academic success.

The Wish Story

Communities Connected for Kids requests this wish for Jada.

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Sherri grants the wish for Jada! Thanks Sherri.

"Jada, I hope this makes your life a little easier! Merry Christmas, Sherri "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Communities Connected for Kids for Jada.

Jada receives the wish from Communities Connected for Kids

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