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A smart watch for Ahzyreon who loves helping around the house

Posted Nov 28, 2018
Ahzyreon is a very punctual child for being so young. His respect for time and for others is refreshing to see in a young man. He wants a watch to help him stay on top of his medications and his playtime to make sure he follows his curfew.

Ahzyreon is 10 years old and lives in Tampa, FL

Ahzyreon has been in foster care for some time. Although he had a hard time adjusting initially, he has found a place in the foster home he is staying in. He enjoys helping around the house and being a part of a family setting. He wants to see and be with his biological parents but right now his foster mother has made him feel safe . He is very smart and insightful. He enjoys playing basketball and will make sure his chores are done so he can play as much as he can. He loves watching basketball as well.

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"Merry Christmas!"

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