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A laptop for Caroline who has high hopes

Posted Dec 13, 2018
Caroline has shown that she is an amazingly resilient young lady. She is doing so well in school despite the hardships that she faced. Her home doesn't have a computer, so all of her homework is written while the other children can type it and send it in. If her work requires research or Internet access, she has to stay after school or go to as friend's house. This isn't always possible or convenient, so having one at home would allow her to get assignments done quicker.

Caroline is 9 years old and lives in East Orange, NJ

Caroline is a little girl with high hopes and dreams. Since being returned to her parents, she is thriving. She was fortunate to be able to remain in her same school and she continues to get good grades. She didn't let her situation make her slip in school. She has a positive outlook on life and is already talking about a future where she can help others. She is fortunate to have a very supportive and loving family that encourages her to do her best. She is also involved in her community recreational center and receives constant encouragement and guidance from the staff there as well.

The Wish Story

NJ DCPP requests this wish for caroline.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Ronald grants the wish for Caroline! Thanks Ronald.

"Your wish for a computer is well noted and I'm happy to grant your wish! Your assignments will be done so much faster now! I was very impressed with you and I know you'll be even more amazing with even better grades! Continue to work hard at getting the best grades possible! Be well and be safe!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the NJ DCPP for Caroline.

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