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UFC tickets for Peter, a former foster youth who will be a future lawyer.

Posted Dec 16, 2018
If anyone knows Peter, you know he loves two things: school (arguing law and philosophy) and mixed martial arts. Peter has never experienced a UFC event in person. Peter would love the opportunity to experience one. Peter is an amazing student who works really hard. Recently however, this academic year has not gone as well as others, he has experienced some personal challenges. It would be awesome for him to see John Jones, one of his favorite mixed martial art athletes in person. This would mean the world to Peter and he would be very grateful.

Peter is 21 years old and lives in Riverside, CA

Peter is a really cool kid. He is ridiculously smart, super into boxing, and really into working out. Peter is a third year philosophy major. He has plans to attend one of the top law schools in the nation after graduation. Peter has a funny personality and will engage in any kind of conversation, whether it's about the best boxer in the world, or the most influential philosopher in history.

The Wish Story

UC Riverside Guardian Scholars requests this wish for Peter.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Anonymous grants the wish for Peter! Thanks Anonymous.

"Have a great time! Good luck in school. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the UC Riverside Guardian Scholars for Peter.

Kenyon sent an update on the wish for Peter.

"Peter says thank you very much. He is looking forward to watching the next UFC event. Peter is very excited!"

UC Riverside Guardian Scholars receives the wish!

Peter receives the gift from UC Riverside Guardian Scholars!

"Peter says thank you very much for his UFC tickets. "

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