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An educational toy for Nevaeh who loves to learn

Posted Dec 17, 2018
Neveah is awesome little girl. She is starting to love to learn. In her foster home she has some educational toys. She can benefit from educational toys that will help her grow and learn. The therapist and foster parent has found that she also does well with musical learning. This educational toy is exactly what she needs to help with her development. It will keep her interest in learning while she plays.

Nevaeh is 4 years old and lives in newark, NJ

Nevaeh is a shy and inquisitive girl. She has adjusted well at her daycare program. Nevaeh is very observant and loves playing dress up. She loves things that any other little girls do but she really loves her baby dolls. She likes to pretend that they are real and feed and clothe them. This interaction with her baby doll is helping to increase her vocabulary. She has some leap frog toys that is used also to increase her communication skills. Hopefully she will transfer to the public school system soon so she will not be behind due to her language barriers.

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NJ DCPP requests this wish for Nevaeh.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Anonymous grants the wish for Nevaeh! Thanks Anonymous.

"Merry Christmas Nevaeh - Your love for learning makes our hearts smile. We are so excited to get you something this holiday that will help you continue to learn new and different things and be a shining star that you are destined to be!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the NJ DCPP for Nevaeh.

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