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Parental Control Computer Software for Dorian to continue doing well in school

Posted Feb 14, 2019
Dorian has had to move homes twice within the past 18 months, to no fault of his own, and his caseworker is now looking for another home for him. Due to these moves Dorian has had to change schools and has missed many days of school. He has been working with his teachers to make up his school work and improve his grades in hopes of catching up to the rest of his class. When Dorian started his sophomore year of high school, he was gifted a computer, which has helped him immensely in keeping on top of his school work and working on his graphic designs. However the resource family he is currently living with has asked for his computer to be taken away from him, due to it not having any Parental Controls and them not willing to monitor his computer usage. Dorian has partnered with his team and his resource parents and they have all come to an agreement that if Parental Controls are placed on his computer with the appropriate software, then they are OK with Dorian keeping his computer. Dorian needs to be able to access his designs and continue to catch up on his school work, and can only do so with this software.

Dorian is 17 years old and lives in Roselle, NJ

Dorian is passionate about art and anything related to it. He spends much of his free time drawing in his notebook. He says he is inspired by what he sees around him and his creations reflect what he sees.When he grows up Dorian would like a career in film animation. He said he would love to take a trip out to Hollywood to see how movies are made. Dorian is a movie buff and loves Japanese animation.

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"Keep working hard Dorian. "

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"Thank you so much for Granting Dorian wish i hope to someday see his artwork on the big screen. "

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