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Swim lessons for Erika who loves being in the water

Posted Feb 22, 2019
Erika loves the water! She loves to take baths and pretend the tub is a swimming pool. She has always wanted to learn how to swim but was never close to a swim center. She has now been placed in a home that does not live far from AquaTots and would like to send Erika to take lessons.

Erika is 13 years old and lives in Arlington, TX

Erika, is an friendly and outgoing almost 11 year old. She came into foster care when she was six years old. She had never been to school or interacted much with other children and had been exposed to abuse that no child should ever experience. She did not know her colors, shapes, numbers or letters. With a lot of work, and constant redirection plus extensive therapy, Erika has made significant progress, not only in her behavior but in school. She is in the 5th grade and is almost at grade level. She functions very well at a 4.5 grade level. She enjoys learning and is always excited about her school projects and works diligently so she can make an "A". A lap top is being requested for Erika so she can do research for her many school projects, spend time daily with spelling and math revision and timed tests. I have had several children in my home with learning difficulties and although extensive time is spent with them to help them, many just give up. Erika is determined to succeed and I want to help her achieve this goal. She is active in church youth programs, including choir, praise dance team and youth Bible study. She has excelled in every area of her young life and it is exciting to look to the future to see what she will accomplish.

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