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A final farewell to the beloved mother of Lindsey, John, Isaac, Edward, Elizabeth and Ian

Posted Aug 12, 2019
All six children of the H. family lost their mom in the blink of an eye. The family has gone through a lot together, being involved with the state since 2008, the kids were in and out of foster care while their mom worked on herself. Through it all, the kids remained united and longed for the day they would be "home". That day finally came, and in May 2019, the family was reunified and their case was officially closed. Unfortunately, the family's mother passed away unexpectedly in early August, and the kids are once again leaning on each other for support during this impossibly difficult time. This wish will allow the children to view their mother one final time and provide a service that they can remember. The family has had such an extensive history of trauma that this will serve as a critical fist step in creating closure for their family.

H Family is 23 years old and lives in Denver, CO

The H. Family has been involved with DDHS since 2008. Made up of a sibling group of six, these kids have all gone through a lot, but have found peace with the support of each other, and in knowing that they will always remain family. Lindsey, the oldest sibling at 23 is in the process of taking custody of her three youngest siblings; John, Issac and Edward. Edward has had the greatest challenges, being in out of home placements since 2016, he had great difficulty being away from his siblings and family. He moved back into his mother’s home in May of 2019, upon which time the case was closed. The family also has Elizabeth and Ian, now 18 year old twins. Lindsey, John, Issac, Edward Elizabeth and Ian all need support right now, from us, and from each other.

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"May her soul rest in peace"

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