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Stocking stuffers for Stephanie who always puts her kids first

Posted Dec 19, 2019
Stephanie has been working so hard that she has worn herself out right before the holiday and she is in bed sick. She is taking a few days to rest up but is hoping that she will be back at it in time to celebrate with her family! Stephanie hates asking for help but it would be super helpful if she had some support with some final items right before the holiday.

Stephanie is 48 years old and lives in Vancouver, WA

From Stephanie: "I have four-ish kids. I raised my sister, adopted her children when she couldn't care for them and am now raising my small great nephew. Being a parent is amazing and has taken a lot of work to change the dysfunctional cycle my biological family has has for generations. I went through foster care in the 80's and 90's during a time in which services didn't exist as much as they do now. I spent much of my childhood and early adult years feeling like I was at fault for how things went. I was embarrassed to talk about my feelings and trauma because I thought people would think I was selfish for wanting better. I have and still do struggle with severe PTSD from severe abuse and horrible neglect I graduate with my masters degree in 2016 and life has shown me some incredible things in this world. I get to work with children much like I was as a mental health therapist. I find the most joy in my job. I love my work and the kids and families I meet through it. My hobbies include lots of kid snuggle time with my youngest. I love reading books by Deborah Gray, Kent Hoffman, Dr. Siegel and books about how the mind heals. I also like to bake and cook for my family. In my spare time I run Bearable Bears and send bears to kids in crisis all over the world and I am working on writing a book"

The Wish Story

Elizabeth grants the wish for Stephanie! Thanks Elizabeth.

"Hi Stephanie, Your story warmed my heart. You remind me so much of my own mother. She too struggles from PTSD from past childhood trauma, but always did her absolute best to make holidays special for all four of her kids. I can tell that you make this world a lot brighter- you've sure brightened mine up this holiday season. Hope yours is merry and bright. Much love, Liz & Emily"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the OSW Advisory Council for Stephanie.

Stephanie receives the wish from OSW Advisory Council

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