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Groceries for Ollie who is a dedicated student

Posted May 3, 2021
Ollie is working hard to complete her schooling. She had to leave her job due to COVID as well as scheduling with classes. This has left Ollie in an extremely vulnerable situation. She is a victim of food insecurity and fears going back down that path. Ollie would love to be able to stock up her pantry with some sustainable groceries to help her get through the next couple of weeks.

Ollie is 29 years old and lives in Reno, NV

Ollie spent 9 years in foster care, from age 9 to 18. During that time she dealt with the heartache that comes from losing a parent and was primarily placed in therapeutic foster homes. As she entered her adolescent years, she chose to age out of care and during her senior year of high school was accepted into an Independent Living Program. She is now preparing to graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and plans to start Graduate School in the Spring of 2021 to start her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Ollie’s ultimate goal is to work in Operations, Policy, or Administration within Victim Services or Anti-Trafficking, whether in the courts or the Nonprofit sector. She hopes to be able to change how the criminal justice system provides assistance to victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking.

The Wish Story

Awesome Human grants the wish for Ollie! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hi Ollie, I hope you enjoy your groceries! Buy some healthy stuff too (like organic veggies). God bless you!Theo"

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Ollie receives the gift from One Simple Wish!

"Thank you so much! This is going to alleviate my food insecurity over the summer! Sincerely, Ollie Hernandez"

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