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A Birthday Trip for Kenny, who wants to visit Disney World for the first time

Posted May 25, 2021
Kenny, who will turn 13 in June, comes from a really sad background. Both mom and dad are recovering drug addicts. Kenny, who has witness drug raids on his own home, has been bounced back and forth from home to home. He has four other siblings that have been placed in foster care ranging from 1 month old to 13 years old. Kenny is a good child, but he struggles to connect and is afraid that if he becomes a part of something, it soon might be taken away, "like everything else." His caregivers are non-relative caregivers who are trying hard to give him a forever home, but times are hard and the family gets little financial assistance due to their non-relative status. Kenny's only wish is to go to a theme park and stay in a "big motel" with a pool. His caregiver is trying to make this happen and has requested a ticket to WDW.

Kenny is 15 years old and lives in FL

Kenny comes from a really sad background, where both his parents are recovering drug addicts. Kenny has witnessed several drug raids, and he and his four siblings have moved from home to home in foster care. Kenny is a good child but struggles with connections and with part of anything because he is waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop and be moved again. He is afraid if he likes something too much, it will be taken away "like everything else in his life." He lives in non-relative foster care with a couple who are trying very hard to give him a forever home. However, things have been hard for the family.

The Wish Story

Communities Connected for Kids requests this wish for Kenny.

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Catherine grants the wish for Kenny! Thanks Catherine.

"Hi, Kenny! I hope you have a great time at Disney World and a terrific birthday! I also want to add, while I’ve not been through anything like you have, I moved around a lot and was removed from my home as a teen. Some things end, some things you don’t get closure, and some things get taken away. These are hard lessons to learn and harder to recover from, but please know that it’s possible and so worth it."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Communities Connected for Kids for Kenny.

Communities Connected for Kids receives the wish!

Kenny receives the gift from Communities Connected for Kids!

"I sent your message and gift along to Kenny and his caregiver today. They were both thrilled and have begun making birthday plans! Thank you very much!"

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