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A Nintendo Switch Console for Johnny to play games with his foster brothers

Posted Jul 14, 2021
Johnny is having a hard time getting along with the other foster children in his foster home. By Johnny getting a Nintendo Switch it will encourage and prompt him to share and play with the other children in the home. This will also promote healthy communication and social skills with the other children in the foster home.

Johnny is 12 years old and lives in Montclair, CA

Johnny has been in and out of foster care since a young age. Johnny is an intelligent and knowledgeable child. He is very tech savvy as he loves to play Roblox. Johnny loves to either play video games or watch youtube. Johnny has been encouraged to try different activities away from electronics. However Johnny is unsure what else he likes to do. Johnny is a fast learner and is working on getting along with the other children in his foster home as well as following the rules.