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A Trampoline for Nellie to help her burn off energy

Posted Aug 2, 2021
Nellie is a very active little girl that lives with her grandparents and gives them a run for their money. She really needs a trampoline to get some energy out and get exercise in a fun way. They have taken her to a trampoline park and say she loved jumping and she was calmer the rest of the day, Play therapy!

Nellie is 6 years old and lives in Huntsville, AL

Nellie is a very active little girl who has lived with her grandparents for the past year and reminds them every day why kids are born to younger people. They say they go to bed exhausted every night but look forward to seeing her twinkling eyes the next morning.

The Wish Story

Grandparents As Parents requests this wish for Nellie.

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Montei grants the wish for Nellie! Thanks Montei.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Grandparents As Parents for Nellie.

Nellie receives the wish from Grandparents As Parents

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