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A hanging swing chair for Alaeha to help her regulate her emotions

Posted Sep 21, 2021
Alaeha struggles with self-regulation and is in therapy to work on it. Swinging helps develop gross motor skills—pumping legs, running, jumping and more. Swinging also helps develop fine motor skills—grip strength, hand, arm and finger coordination. Swinging develops a child's core muscles and helps with the development of balance and this is just what Alaeha needs. This swing will not only help Alaeha grow and develop, it will help her feel relaxed and soothed throughout her day.

Alaeha is 4 years old and lives in Belligham, WA

Alaeha is a beautiful little girl who loves the color pink and playing with her dolls. It can be any doll and she loves to carry it around and undress it to redress it. Playing outside is another activity she enjoys. She misses her birth family but has been adjusting well in her foster home. She is slightly delayed but is catching up well with therapy.

The Wish Story

Foster Hearts Region 3 requests this wish for Alaeha.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Alaeha! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Hi Alaeha. I hope you enjoy this swing. Always remember that there are many people who care about you!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Hearts Region 3 for Alaeha.

Foster Hearts Region 3 receives the wish!

Alaeha receives the gift from Foster Hearts Region 3!

"This swing chair has been such a gift you have no idea. Alaeha loves to hang on it, twirl on it, swing on it, and it really helps with her sensory issues and regulation. Being indoors lets her use it at all times! Thank you. "

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