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A Nugget Foam Configurable Play Couch for Maxx to build and climb on

Posted Dec 2, 2021
Maxx loves to build things and climb and his grandmother has learned of the most fun foam pieces that can be used to build structures with, climb on and use as a kids couch. It's a toy, OT pieces, furniture and building structure all in one! She thinks they would be perfect for Maxx to play with for hours on end and have so much fun with!

Maxx is 5 years old and lives in Scottsboro, AL

Maxx is a very serious little boy who has an old soul and an inquisitive mind. He likes to build with legos and wants to learn to read so his big sister is teaching him his letters and sight words. Maxx and his two big sisters are currently living with their grandparents. Maxx is happy to be with his siblings and loves to spend time with them.

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"I hope you enjoy your gift."

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