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A Pair of Sleepbuds to help Brannon sleep well and preform better at college.

Posted Dec 14, 2021
Brannon wishes for a pair of Sleepbuds to help him rest at night. He wakes up often because he hears too many sounds through the walls. Then he has an incredibly difficult time going back to sleep because he starts thinking about school, siblings, and what he hears. His hearing is incredible sensitive and this interferes with the rest he needs. He will be able to use the newest technology to block out sounds and put only relaxing soothing sleep sounds directly in his ears. These Sleepbuds will fit comfortable for sleep and only allow him to listen to restful sounds. He will be able to perform better in college and feel better during the day with a good night's sleep.

Brannon is 22 years old and lives in NC

Brannon is enthusiastic and serious about music and drama. He loves almost everything about the arts and is taking art classes in college. He also likes to make videos and is learning to be technologically savvy. Brannon is a hard worker and making good grades is important to him. 

The Wish Story

Foster Parent Association of Wilkes requests this wish for Brannon.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Brannon! Thanks Awesome Human.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Parent Association of Wilkes for Brannon.

Foster Parent Association of Wilkes receives the wish!

Brannon receives the gift from Foster Parent Association of Wilkes!

"Brannon wants you to know how grateful he is for this awesome set of Sleepbuds. He was so happy to receive them and start using them. Your gift has brought him some relief. Thank you so much for caring and making a difference for him. Your love and kindness is sincerely appreciated. "

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