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A Medical Sleep Study for Elizabeth who is dealing with a jaw injury

Posted May 14, 2022
Years ago, Elizabeth suffered a terrible fall, and shattered her jaw. After multiple surgeries, her jaw is technically fixed, but she still suffers from significant bite issues and TMJ. While she has a lot of medical trauma from this incident, she finally got up the courage to be evaluated by a medical professional to address her pain. They have recommended her first step in the process is to have a sleep study. Elizabeth has come to One Simple Wish for help with the sleep study costs. She is nervous, but also excited, to hopefully be on the road to full recovery.

Elizabeth is 27 years old and lives in San Diego, CA

Elizabeth, like so many in foster care, had a very tumultuous and unstable childhood. After multiple placements and bouncing back and forth between her biological and foster families, Elizabeth aged out at 18 with no family support. She became unhoused and struggled with her mental health, all while trying to come to terms with the trauma she experienced as a child. As Elizabeth says "I experienced years of abuse, therapy and pain during my time in care, but I am proud to call it my story and the reason for my strength. I have become grateful for a past that has made me not only to be resilient, but also to empathize strongly and strive to understand and care for others." Elizabeth finally found stability in her mid-20's and has since graduated from college with her bachelor's degree.

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