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A Pair of Riding Boots for Elizabeth who is going horse camp

Posted Jun 22, 2022
Elizabeth will be attending horse camp this summer for the very first time. She is really excited to get to ride horses again and learn more about them, but is also a bit nervous. She is not going to let that stop her though because she LOVES horses! She doesn't need much for camp, but she is required to have real riding boots, not the type that you get from Target. She has always wanted real boots like her equine therapists have and without them won't be able to go to horse camp.

Elizabeth is 12 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth is a fighter and survivor! She has lived through things that many adults will never experience and all before the age of three. After moving between her foster family and biological family, she was finally adopted when she was five and a half. Despite the very traumatic beginning to life, she is doing very well. While she struggles with memory and self regulation, she is trying hard at school and getting excellent grades. When you meet her, you'd never know she struggles because she has the sweetest and most caring disposition. She loves dogs, cats, and horses! She and her younger sister, who was also adopted from foster care, loves playing with Legos and stuffed animals together.

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Awesome Human grants the wish for Elizabeth! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Good luck at riding camp; I’m sure you’ll have a blast!"

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