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A Set of Tree of Life Chakras for Maddie to hang in her room

Posted Sep 19, 2022
Maddie wishes for a set of Tree of Life Chakras to hang in her room because feels they will bring her healing and good luck. This will help her think positively every time she looks at them, and get her mind in the right place each day.

Maddie is 19 years old and lives in North Wilkesboro, NC, NC

Maddie is caring and considerate. She often thinks more about others needs than herself. She has not had much of a chance to be a normal teen girl due to sickness and poverty. School was one thing that helped her life be normal and now she is having to do school at home due to severe sickness and treatments. She often befriends adults because they help her feel secure. Maddie loves her cat and volunteers with the local animal society when she can to just help take care of the neglected animals.