About Kristen

Kristen is 27 years old and lives in Cary, NC

After aging out of Foster Care I felt pretty lost for a while. But after lots of hard work and trying to make the right choices, I now have a college degree in Psychology and my dream job working for a non-profit. I have always wanted to open my home to other kids who are facing the Foster Care system. To be a safe, encouraging space in their story. After fostering for a few years I will hopefully adopt, and take my kids all over the world to experience life, love and food from different cultures. I love to be outdoors, mostly hiking in the mountains, putting up my hammock at a park or exploring an old city! Being active and in nature has been a huge way that I deal with stress or challenges. It reminds me that like everything I see, I too was created with purpose and beauty. I just have to keep moving forward and face all the challenges with love for myself and others!