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About This Wish

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New Sneakers for Caleb to wear to school and look great in

Posted Feb 26, 2023
Caleb wishes for a comfortable pair of new sneakers to wear to school. This will give him a mid-year pick-me-up and give him a boost of self-confidence around his classmates. He will look awesome and feel great, especially in PE. This will replace a pair of wore out dingy sneakers he wears daily. This will match his friend's shoes and help him feel special.

Caleb is 10 years old and lives in Wilkesboro, NC

Caleb is an awesome boy who loves school. Sometimes he struggles with math and writing. He also has trouble speaking clearly, but he keeps a positive attitude and is always making friends. He also likes cars, trucks, bulldozers, and playing games. He loves cartoons and wants to be just like his Daddy when he grows up. Caleb is one of the friendliest little guys you will ever meet. Most of the time he has a huge smile on his face and enjoys being around people. He likes asking questions and has so many he has to write them down, but this helps him learn.