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An outfit for Hector to look great on his first day of school

Posted Aug 3, 2023
Hector is very excited to start going to school after an extended break. Hector enjoys dressing well, saying it makes him feel confident and good about himself. Hector will use this gift on his first day of school and for other activities

Hector is 18 years old and lives in AZ

Hector is one of the most resilient young men his case worker has ever met. Despite having to raise himself and travel to the United States alone, he remains one of the kindest, most optimistic people. Hector dreams about creating a community for himself and completing his education. He likes hiking, computers, and riding his bike. He is an outstanding young man with a bright future ahead of him!

The Wish Story

Catholic Charities requests this wish for Hector.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Shelley BTS Match grants the wish for Hector! Thanks Shelley BTS Match.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Catholic Charities for Hector.

Catholic Charities receives the wish!

Hector receives the gift from Catholic Charities !

"thank you for this kind gift :)"

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