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$ 400

A gym membership for Marigold who has a really hard time losing weight and wants to join the military

Posted Apr, 26, 2017
Marigold would like to join a gym. She will work out with her case manager who is already a member of the gym as she feels she needs the added support. She has had a hard time losing weight and desires to lose enough to join the military. Marigold is pre-diabetic, so a gym membership could also help improve her health. Marigold's desire was to go into the military until she gained weight due to her medications.

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Marigold is 18 years old and lives in Newport News, VA

Mirian is a hardworking young lady who has been in foster care for over five years. She is a senior in high school and trying to create a career plan. She works very hard to make straight As every nine weeks and works on the weekends. Mirian is a girly girl who enjoys make-up and feeding the homeless.

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